How do you Change Your Credit Card’s Due Date?

It can be difficult to manage multiple bill payments that are due on the same day. The good news is that changing your credit card’s “payment due” date is possible, which can make your payments easier and reduce your monthly financial stress.

Change Your Credit Card's due Date

Many issuers are prepared to change your credit card’s due date upon request, even though they are not required to do so. For example- if you’ve got an American Express Credit Card, it’s simple to change your billing date online by logging into your account. But each issuer follows a different procedure. Changing your credit card payment dates can be done in a few different situations, which are listed below.

How to Adjust the due date on your Credit Card

You can adjust the billing date on your credit card in a few different ways. You can select a due date through your online account with many businesses. You can log in and check if this is an option. You might need to call the customer support number on the back side of your card to request a date change with any issuer.

Depending on the issuer, you may change your billing date a limited number of times. Some issuers will allow you only to adjust your payment date about once every three billing cycles. Whereas, some will allow you to do it as often as you desire, but only if your account is no longer in default.

When to Modify the due date on your Credit Card

Several factors could justify changing your billing date:

  • You can withdraw all of your account’s funds at once to pay your bills, preventing you from using them for other purposes.
  • If all of your due dates fall on one or two days of the month, you won’t have to keep track of multiple dates.
  • Another option is to spread out your payment schedule to reduce financial stress if you have too many bills that are due at or close to the same time.

Your credit won’t be harmed by changing your bill date but it’s important to remember that such a change won’t take effect right away. For some credit cards, it might take two months or longer for your new billing date to appear. Even after you’ve formally changed your due date or asked for one, you should still keep a close eye on your payment schedule to prevent paying late fees.

What if your due date Cannot be Changed?

You can resolve issues on your own if you are not able to adjust your due date. Try to be proactive with your monthly bill payments, if your income is steady enough. For example, rent is usually due on the first of each month. However, you are free to choose to make a rent payment before your final paycheck of the month. And you can follow the same procedure for any extra unchangeable bills. The important thing is paying on time and not after the due date.


Rent, mortgage, and auto payments are challenging to reschedule, but credit card providers are more understanding. There are occasions when you and your family would prefer a different due date. No matter whether you want to spread out payments, consolidate payments, avoid big recurring bills, or avoid interest fees, changing the due date on your credit card payment is not a difficult task. You can change the information by phone or online if your credit card provider permits it.

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