Different Ways To Use Forex Card

While traveling abroad, Forex cards can be used as a prepaid card to purchase things, pay travel expenses, and do other transactions. These already have your required foreign currencies preloaded. The card can be used to check your balance, make purchases while shopping, and withdraw cash in foreign currencies.

You can travel cashless by using the foreign exchange card provided by IndusInd Bank, which can be recharged from any location in the world. This Forex card protects you from currency rate changes in addition to enabling trouble-free transactions abroad. Additionally, you will receive immediate emails or text messages informing you of all of your transactions.

Different ways To Use Forex Card

Ways to use a Forex Card

You can use a forex card the same way you do a debit or credit card. The Forex card can be used to pay hotel bills and make purchases at a variety of stores, restaurants, and online shops when you are traveling overseas. To finish the transaction, you simply need to submit your PIN or signature. You can use your Forex card to get cash from any ATM if you need it immediately.

Using Forex Cards at ATMs to withdraw money-

All you need to do to get cash is find the closest ATM. The majority of cards provide certain free transactions. Your transactions would be free if you withdraw money from particular networks like the All Point ATM network.

Pay with a Swipe or a Tap-

You can use your Forex Card to pay for anything, including food and retail purchases, event tickets, and hotel reservations. Similar to using your credit or debit card to make a purchase this process is also simple. The shopkeeper will swipe it and request your signature on a receipt.

Pay using a single currency worldwide-

You may smoothly pay anywhere you go without paying cross-currency fees with cards like HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Card. Using it around the world to pay for your expenses after filling it once with USD.

Using Card’s deposited Currency only-

While using The Forex Card to purchase things, keep in mind to only use the currency deposited on the card. If you try to use only one foreign currency card that is loaded with US Dollars to make a payment in Canadian Dollars, it might not go through, and if it does, you may be charged a bunch of extra fees.

Advantages of Using a Forex Card

  • Before you even begin your journey, you receive a card that is already loaded with the foreign currency of your choice.
  • Forex cards come pre-installed with chip and pin technology to protect the money stored in them, making them more secure than handling cash. The balance in a lost or stolen Forex card can be frozen and the card can be immediately blocked. The money will then be transferred to the secondary Forex Card that was provided along with the original.
  • A Forex Card can be used to acquire a variety of well-known currencies, including USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CAD, and many more.
  • While loading currencies, Forex Cards offer better exchange rates than purchasing foreign currency with cash. The more affordable choice for banks is to provide Forex Cards. You typically receive a 50 paise markup on the exchange rate for a Forex Card as opposed to a 2 Rupee markup when purchasing US Dollars.


Your interest in obtaining a Forex Card may have increased now that you are aware of how it functions and the advantages it offers. If you have the intention to travel abroad, think about how you will carry the money along with you. Consider purchasing a Prepaid Forex Card. One of the most necessary essentials for your overseas journey. 

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